Can I Use Cortaid On HemorrhoidsCan I Use Cortaid On Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are typically not a serious or abnormal medical condition, but having them, common or not, can be quite uncomfortable and disconcerting. There are many routes to relief that sufferers can take, and sometimes Cortaid, a hydrocortisone cream, is a possible hemorrhoid treatment.

Cortaid can often be used on external hemorrhoids. So if you are asking the question: Can I Use Cortaid On Hemorrhoids then this article will help you.

What Is Cortaid?

To answer the question of can I use cortaid on hemorrhoids, we must first know exactly what it is. Cortaid is a topical ointment that  contains a steroid called hydrocortisone, which is instrumental in relieving pain and discomfort from many skin ailments. Hydrocortisone cream reduces swelling, eliminates itching, and encourages vasoconstriction, the narrowing of blood vessels, particularly with large veins like in the anus.

Cortaid can be found in most drugstores and bought without a prescription. It contains one percent hydrocortisone, or ten milligrams per gram of cream, which is the standard amongst non-prescription hydrocortisone creams.

Can I Use Cortaid On Hemorrhoids: What Is Cortaid Used to Treat?

Cortaid is used to treat a range of dermatological problems, and anywhere that the skin is red, swollen, or itching is a likely candidate for treatment with hydrocortisone topical. Rashes, like poison oak and poison ivy, and insect bites can be treated with Cortaid, as can allergic reactions, eczema, and many other visible and uncomfortable skin issues. Moreover, it can also be effective in relieving more private matters, like external vaginal itching, and Cortaid can be used on hemorrhoids when they are external and are free from open sores. Thus the answer to the question: Can I Use Cortaid On Hemorrhoids is YES!

What Is An External Hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoids occur when pressure causes veins in the anal canal to become inflamed and swell. This can happen both inside and outside of the anus. Internal hemorrhoids are smaller veins that have enlarged in the anal cavity, causing severe discomfort when making a bowel movement  and often leaving a bright red residue of blood in the toilet bowl.

External hemorrhoids, on the other hand, can be painful bumps that mass beneath the skin and become thrombosed, hindering the flow of blood. Because Cortaid is a topical solution, it can’t be used for internal hemorrhoids; however, in many instances, Cortaid can be used on hemorrhoids that can be reached externally.

Can I Use Cortaid On Hemorrhoids: What to Consider before Using Cortaid

While Cortaid and hydrocortisone might offer some relief for external hemorrhoids, it is important to be sure that the condition is treated safely. So even though the answer to the question: Can I Use Cortaid On Hemorrhoids is yes, Hydrocortisone should never be used internally, in this case, inside the anal opening, and users should never apply Cortaid over open wounds.

Patients need to make sure they are not allergic to the medication before applying regular doses and should be aware that, though most other orally and injected medicines will not affect topical hydrocortisone, some drugs might.  Consulting a doctor before starting any new medication is advisable.

How to Apply Cortaid to External Hemorrhoids

Make sure both your hands and area to be treated are clean and dry before putting on Cortaid or any topical cream.  Then, apply a small amount to the irritated region, rubbing gingerly over the entire area.  Treated areas should not be bandaged or covered with tight clothing as it can cause your skin to absorb more of the medicine than necessary or desired.  Lastly, wash your hands again to avoid accidently getting hydrocortisone or any other debris on the face or in the eyes or mouth.  For the best results, the process should be repeated three or four times a day.

Can I Use Cortaid On Hemorrhoids: Are There Any Side Effects?

If using Cortaid causes an allergic reaction, signaled by intense swelling throughout the mouth and face, causing trouble breathing regularly, or an outbreak of hives, get  immediate medical assistance.  In the case of distorted vision, irregular heart patterns, swelling in unaffected areas, severe tiredness, or sleeplessness, you should stop  using Cortaid and call a doctor to be checked out right away.

Other unfortunate side effects might be continued irritation of the skin, including peeling, thinning, or blistering, but these are less serious and don’t require immediate medical attention, though a professional should be consulted when possible.

While hemorrhoids are can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, they are not uncommon and can often be easily treatable.  So to conclude on the subject of Can I Use Cortaid On Hemorrhoids, the answer is yes as Cortaid can be used to hemorrhoids in some cases, and it is widely available in pharmacies everywhere.

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