When a person experiences pain, itching, and discomfort in the anal area, they often ask, “What do hemorrhoids look like?” Many people will also wonder what hemorrhoids look like if they are having rectal bleeding. All of these are classic symptoms of hemorrhoids. Knowing what to look for can help you determine the best treatment if you are suffering from symptoms like these.

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What Are Hemorrhoids?

Before you can understand what do hemorrhoids look like, you need to know exactly what hemorrhoids are. The rectum consists of several small blood vessels that work with their surrounding tissue to control stools. These veins are known as hemorrhoids and exist on the inside of the anus, as well as the exterior. When the hemorrhoids become inflamed or swollen, it can cause pain, itching, bleeding, and general discomfort.

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

If you are wondering what do hemorrhoids look like, you would probably like to know what causes hemorrhoids to become inflamed. Strain or pressure on the rectal blood vessels is the most common cause. This can be attributed to excess weight, either due to pregnancy or obesity, as well as prolonged sitting. Constipation, straining during bowel movements and even bouts of diarrhea can also result in hemorrhoid complications.

Internal Hemorrhoids

What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like

Prolapse Internal Hemorrhoid

When the blood vessels inside the rectum become swollen, internal hemorrhoids are the result. Internal hemorrhoids are generally painless and an individual may not realize he or she has hemorrhoids unless there is bleeding present. Sometimes, internal hemorrhoids will prolapse to the outside of the rectum.

A prolapsed hemorrhoid may reduce on its own, or may require medical intervention. Internal hemorrhoids are not visible unless they prolapse.


External Hemorrhoids

What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like

External Hemorrhoid

The other type of hemorrhoids occurs in the blood vessels located at the end of the anal canal. These are external hemorrhoids and can easily be seen by the average person. External hemorrhoids produce a number of symptoms, including pain, swelling, irritation, and itching.

Bleeding can also occur with external hemorrhoids, especially if the vein ruptures. This often leads to blood clots and is referred to as thrombosis.


What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like?

External hemorrhoids and prolapsed internal types are very similar in appearance, but no hemorrhoids ever look exactly the same. What hemorrhoids look like will depend on the severity of the swelling, the condition of the hemorrhoids, and the individual patient suffering from the ailment. Differences in appearance are usually found in the size, the number, and the color of the hemorrhoids.

What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like – General characteristics include:

  • Color: External hemorrhoids usually appear brown in color, but may have a reddish or purple tint. Thrombosis, or a blood clot, in an external hemorrhoid will make it look more like a bruise with purple, red, or dark blue coloring. Prolapsed internal hemorrhoids look like they have a lighter pinkish color most of the time.
  • Shape: The best way to describe the shape when discussing what hemorrhoids look like is to say that they resemble a grape. Sometimes they are full and round; others may appear flattened and wrinkled.
  • Size: The size of hemorrhoids can also be similar to a grape. Some hemorrhoids are smaller and look like oddly colored peas, and some can get as large as a walnut. The amount of swelling determines the size.
  • Number: If you are wondering how many of these small round polyps are typically seen, this also varies from case to case. Severe hemorrhoids may consist of several, while many people with hemorrhoids see only one.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids

Now that you have an answer to the question: what do hemorrhoids look like, you may need to know how to treat the condition. The best hemorrhoid cures are simple changes in your diet. Eating more fiber-rich foods, like broccoli, kidney beans, and apples, will keep stools soft and prevent constipation. It is also important to drink plenty of water each day. Exercise will help the hemorrhoids look like they are improving rather quickly. Topical treatments, including apple cider vinegar and coconut oil can also make hemorrhoids look and feel much better.

The answer to “what do hemorrhoids look like” depends on several things. The type of hemorrhoids and the severity are the biggest factors. Even when the severity and type are the same, no two cases of hemorrhoids will ever look exactly the same.

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